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Gloria M. Griffin, Ed.S., LPC has over 20 years experience in the public school system as a School Psychologist and Counselor. She has extensive skills with psychoeducational assessment of students, consultaton with staff and parents, facilitating Response to Intervention (RTI) meetings and as a member of Individual Education Plan ( IEP) teams. Her skills encompass students with disabilities who deal with health impairments, AHDH, autism, cognitive impairment, learning disabilities and emotional/behavioral disorders. She is well versed in the rights of parents, students and the schools and how that might impact student achievement.  She has served on County level RTI strategic teams, worked with a local physicians group to develop a psychological protocol for diagnosis of ADHD, and initiated a mental health program at a local middle school. 

As a consultant and advocate she can assist parents in working with their respective school personnel in order for their child to access the most effective and appropriate support and programs. With parental permission, Mrs. Griffin is available to attend school meetings and/or consult with staff, serving as an advocate on belhalf of the student.

To schedule a consultation or for further information, please call 404-790-9022.

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