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Vinny who turned four years old in March is already in training as a therapy horse and visits schools, community events and churches in the metro area.


Children's  Individual Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions with the minis

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy for children with the miniature horses is specifically structured to meet the social and emotional needs of those children with diagnoses that impact social functioning such as ADHD, high functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Children who are struggling with social thinking dificulties and social skills will benefit from activites with our miniature horses. Interacting with these mini therapy horses will assist children in developing skills in group participation, listening, responding, taking turns, functional communication, safety and reading nonverbal behavior. Through the honest nature of the horse, children can observe, interact and learn about human behaviors. Miniature horses are ideal partners in learning social awareness. They are less intimidating than their larger pasture mates, more easily handled by this age group and best of all, always make you smile.  Sessions are offered throughout the year in northwest Alpharetta. Sessions will follow the EAGALA guidelines for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning activites. Call 404-790-9022 or email for a brochure or more information.:



Let us bring our miniature horses to you for equine psychotherapy or equine assisted learning. These special equines bond with those experiencing physical or mental health challenges in a unique way. They are often used in our equine therapy at the barn and help to bring special insights to our clients. We can now take them "on the road" for group therapy at your approved location.  Our portable round pen allows us to provide outdoor equine activites in an environment that is safe for both horses and clients. This is ideal for clients or organizations that can not travel or do not have transportation. Call  404-790-9022 or email for more information.

Riley...... our  3  year old miniature horse and VInny's best friend 


Vinny and Riley visiting Lassiter High School